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In recognizing the sacrifice of fallen firefighters, this section will serve as a constant memorial to those who have given their lives protecting and ensuring the safety of the communities they serve. The significance of their contributions cannot be minimized, and while they will be dearly missed, their legacy lives on in the spirit of those who continue to serve. For more information on how to honor the memory of a lost firefighter, visit the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation at

George Clay Fire Company Line Of Duty Deaths - May We Never Forget

-An alarm was struck on June 29, 1965. As many times before Fireman, William Evans ran from his house across the street from the fire house to

respond to the call. While crossing the street a vehicle hit William Evans and fatally wounded him. He was the first fireman killed in the line of duty.

-Around 9:45 pm on January 27, 1971 a series of explosions rocked the quite neighborhood of Front Street in West Conshohocken. Flames were

said to be over 100 feet in the air. As the winter night persisted on, fire companies from all over the area were called to assist. Ice formed on the

apparatus and Firemen, making the tedious task of dousing the flames even harder. The Matsonford Bridge and the on and off ramps to the

Schuylkill Expressway were closed until the next day. Five people lost their lives on this dismal day in January. One of those victims was George

Clay Fireman Joseph Powers, who gave his life while in the line of duty.

-After William Evans and Joseph Powers gave the ultimate sacrifice for their community, the George Clay Fire Company honored them. Both

men's gear hang in the fire house today with plaques to remember them, #17 belonged to William Evans and # 53 belonged to Joseph Powers.

The memorial is located in the meeting room behind a pain of glass, never to be used again.

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